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Holiday Gifts

Pumps– a well rounded home or portable workstation starts with a good pump you can rely on and not fuss with to get your tires up to pressure with minimal effort.

Saddle bag repair Kit– Essential for any self supported rider. no ones wants to be on the side of the trail with a flat and no way to fix it, but the kit can also fix minor derailleur issues, or possibly fix a broken link in a chain.The bag the kit is in can carry your wallet and favorite candy bar for a burst of energy.local-ride-kit

Endura Clothing– Riding this time of year can be a challenge mentally and physically. The best way to even the playing field with nature is to be prepared. Endura has a full range of clothes that compliment each other to allow you to regulate your temperature in all 4 season as well as be wind resistant and waterproof. Got cold feet? check our shoe and toe covers. Got cold hands? maybe check out windproof gloves. sweating too much? try a fast wicking jersey.maxresdefault

check out the video below!

Lights– Lights are great to have both day and night all year long. The 2 main thoughts when getting a light is do you just want to be seen or do you need to see out in front of you. all cycling lights will let you be seen but some have better features like extra modes , higher brightness , and USB rechargeable. For seeing out you want to look into the 500+ lumen lights to be able to cast enough light to allow you to keep up with whats in front of you. the faster you ride the more you need to see. Another important feature to you may also be a helmet mount, allowing you to shine light where you look and not just where the handlebar is pointing.


Trainer– extend your season inside with a stable platform for using your bicycle inside. join us for our weekly indoor rides, get in shape , or try out an interactive cycling video game. eno-hk001-lifestyle-xx.jpg

Eno Hammock– Great alternative to carrying around a full size tent or just lounging in the back yard. they pack up light, they are comfortable and all you need are 2 trees for setup. Alternatively set 1 up in your home!


Kleen Kanteen Bottle – full stainless steel water bottle designed to last a lifetime. These Bottles come in a variety of colors and have different style options for lids. klean-kanteen-leak-proof-water-bottle.jpg

77427Paddle grips– add some comfort and grip to your paddle with easy to slide on paddle grips.









Dry Bags – Dry bags are lightweight , waterproof , and simple to use bags that can keep your gear or spare clothes dry. Mainly used for a dry storage while paddling, they can also be great for backpack camping.  They come in a variety of sizes from phone sized to backpack sized.


Snowshoes– why stop going out in the winter? snowshoes are an affordable winter outdoor experience that do not require lifts tickets. Find some snow and go on an adventure. Snowshoes fall into a few categories including recreational , back country and running. Stop in to speak to us to find the right snowshoe fit for you.Lock 31 Snowshoe.jpg

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